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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have been writing since I can remember.  My writing comes in fits and spurts, and like many of my projects are rarely finished. I have several books well begun, but I cannot seem to end them.  Tales from the Blue Cup Cafe is the title of my book of short stories.  I actually have a few of them finished, and all of them begun.

My Tales without Tails section will be excerpts from my stories that I have begun, but somehow have gotten lost somewhere in the middle and cannot resolve.  Advice and criticism is most welcome.

I also hope to add a section of "swell lines I'd like to use in a story someday" just for fun and inspiration.  Haven't figured out a title for that segment yet.

I also hope to have a section for poetry.  I went through a sonnet writing phase years ago.  Gave me some structure with a clear end in sight.  Maybe I should think of my stories as sonnets, then I'd finish them.

I have been following some of the other writers' blogs and hope to add or link them soon.  Thanks for inspiring me.  Thanks, too, to my old writers group who really got me going and motivated me.  Especially Beth and Louie.  If you find this blog you'll know who I am.  Someday I'll publish "Tales..." and give you guys the credit for the push I needed.

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