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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Boss went on vacation and took three books with her to read.  She gave them to me when she returned, offering them up as a tantalizing treat to her poor book-barren assistant.  Now the three sit there, daring me to read them, but I dare not.  She knows I do not have the time, not yet anyway.  Serious work projects are in the way--projects she gave me.  If I start reading, I will not stop.  I am an  addict, I confess.  Addicted to the printed word.  I am a binge reader.  If I start a book I will not stop until waaaaaay past time to sleep, eat, bathe....thank the heavens my sweet spouse has the same addiction.  We are co-enablers of our worst vice.
I am so tempted.  It is only the hesitancy of being unable to decide which of the three to start first that keeps me focused on my which I must now return.  Instead of binging on the book, like scarfing down the whole pan of brownies in one sitting, I wrote here instead, like a sensible snack of apple slices with a small wedge of cheddar cheese. 
But the brownie-books are still tempting me.

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